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Book 3 of A Daughter's Ransom!

The Exiled: A Game of Wits

     Astra is alive... But barely. After escaping Tyron, she finds her way to help and slowly regains her senses. What she wakes up to is a mess; everyone wants something from her, and the king of Nythril is no exception. when he threatens to send her back to Tyron, will she cave and play bounty hunter for his idle pleasure? And what of the mysterious game that arrives, claiming she must play or face the consequences?

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...The plot and twists kept me guessing and up late reading. The world-building was complex, original, and written into the story in such a way to feel completely natural. I was completely engaged in the world. My only complaint is that I want the next book now.

--From a Five Star Amazon Review

 A Daughter's Ransom  Series:
by Authors Niamh and Rebecca Schmid