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New Release!

Book 5 of A Daughter's Ransom

The Exiled: Battle for the
Black Queen


      Astra is safe in Litash….
      Or is she? After her presence is revealed to the Court
of Litash, she is put on trial for breaking the terms of her exile. But things in Litash are much worse than Astra realized and she soon finds that Tyron's obsession with her has spread chaos across the continent.
      When Astra finally stumbles upo
n the true goal behind Tyron's twisted Game, she's faced with a choice that leaves worlds hanging in the balance. Can she risk the ones she loves to finish The Game? What will happen when Tyron decides to raise the stakes?

Currently offering signed copies of
 book I and II of our series!


...The plot and twists kept me guessing and up late reading. The world-building was complex, original, and written into the story in such a way to feel completely natural. I was completely engaged in the world. My only complaint is that I want the next book now.

--From a Five Star Amazon Review

A Daughter's Ransom  Series:
by Authors Niamh and Rebecca Schmid
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