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The Elves and Their Decline

At the start of The Exiled: Of Shade and Shadow, the Elves are mentioned as living in the city-state of Cithan, which resides in the country of Litash. The Elvish race at this time is rather small and, for several hundred years, even neared extinction since Elves only being able to have one child per family—two if they were fortunate.

However, this was not always the case. In the ancient days of Litash (approximately two thousand years ago), the Elves were the dominant race. Their decline is traced back to their war-like tendencies and their animosity towards Humans.

Elves became increasingly prejudiced against them after the Human population began increasing on the world of Eatris, calling them leeches and pests to be controlled. This led to the Elvish Wars, in which Humans and Elves clashed in a bloody conflict that wreaked havoc on both races’ populations. This came to a head in the Third Elvish War, when the Humans assassinated the Elvish ambassador, Lady Kayliene, as vengeance for the death of one of their own leaders, Schastin Fox. In turn, the Elvish Court called for the genocide of all Humans.

If not for a half-Elf who intervened and provided the Humans with military aid from the East, it is quite possible the Elves would have succeeded in completely wiping out the Human race entirely.

In the aftermath of the Third Elvish War, the Elvish population had suffered a huge blow. To add to their disgrace, The Creator cursed the Elves to never again have the prosperity they had experienced for centuries—unless one day they could rise above their pride and accept Humans. This was manifested through the Elves’ seeming inability to produce more than one or (very rarely) two children. With their race so ravaged, the Elves retreated from their rule of Litash and eventually settled in the Cithan Citadel, where they still reside today. The prejudice against Humans is, unfortunately, still very present. However, the last ruler of Cithan had three children, one of which would go on to defy Elvish statutes and marry a Human. This couple would later have two children; Entrais and Astra. These two siblings rise as the first half-elves in two millennia, symbolizing that perhaps times and views are changing for the better.

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