Book 2 of A Daughter's Ransom!

To Take a World: The GhostMaker

     There's not much left in the world of Baeno... With two Watchers dead and the third turned against the world she was supposed to protect, chaos reigns for near a decade as Skayla rules with the strange beasts called Drogans.

     And then there's Baey. Rescued by the last act of The Watcher, Sven Mara, she now stays hidden in the mansion of Valdon, where the last Gifted of Baeno stand as a pitiful defense for the City of Kaedna. The last promise of The Creator says she--an Esmer(or one with wings)--will free Baeno from the grips of Skayla and the mysterious beasts that aid her. However, doubts haunt Baey, and even the others at Valdon seem to doubt her destiny. But one thing keeps her strong; the ring she was given by Sven Mara, a trinket no one but her can see.

     But when a stranger appears on Valdon's doorsteps, everyone doubts his motives and the message he carries. Little do they know what he stole, and little do they know how close Valdon is to ruin....

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...The plot and twists kept me guessing and up late reading. The world-building was complex, original, and written into the story in such a way to feel completely natural. I was completely engaged in the world. My only complaint is that I want the next book now.

--From a Five Star Amazon Review

 A Daughter's Ransom  Series:
by Authors Niamh and Rebecca Schmid