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New Release!

Book 4 of A Daughter's Ransom

To Take a world: The Living Stone


     Exhausted, disheartened, and defeated, Baey and her companions have somehow managed to make it to Alkemar... Now an even more dangerous task looms before them, and an even more dangerous arrangement: they must split up.

      Some must go to the heart of Rugo and find The Living Stone, braving a country infested with Skayla's violet-eyed lackeys. And what happens when their best allies seem to be part of the race Baeno has hated for so long?

      Meanwhile, Baey and her mentor are left in Alkemar to try and form new alliances, while the former GhostMaker struggles to overcome his past and the memories that now haunt him. Will anyone else be able to look beyond his past and trust them?

Currently offering signed copies of
 book I and II of our series!


...The plot and twists kept me guessing and up late reading. The world-building was complex, original, and written into the story in such a way to feel completely natural. I was completely engaged in the world. My only complaint is that I want the next book now.

--From a Five Star Amazon Review

A Daughter's Ransom  Series:
by Authors Niamh and Rebecca Schmid
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