A Daughter's Ransom Series:


The TetraWorlds live in ignorance of each other's existence. One fallen behind in a Medieval time of fantastic and dangerous creatures, another fallen asleep in the comfort of their Victorian age, and the last torn apart by its own Modern innovation. When a dark threat rises up against them--one so quiet that none know to stop it, a Guard from each world must be called to protect their planet's source. But what will happen when these worlds entwine?

The Exiled: Of Shade and Shadow


      The Great War is won… so everyone tells her. But even with her brother now king, Astra Verzaer knows the fight is far from over. When her sudden exile finds her alone in the dreary country of Merimeethia with only the aloof Prince Louko for company, she digs deeper in vain attempts to find proof of her suspicions. Yet Astra is not the only one with secrets, and she soon finds herself swallowed up in a sudden uproar over Merimeethia's throne--an uproar which she believes to be caused by the very person she set out to find. But will anybody believe her? Even if they do, will it be too late?

Book I of A Daughter's Ransom

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To Take a World: The GhostMaker

       There's not much left in the world of Baeno... With two Watchers dead and the third turned against the world she was supposed to protect, chaos reigns for near a decade as Skayla rules with the strange beasts called Drogans.

     And then there's Baey. Rescued by the last act of The Watcher, Sven Mara, she now stays hidden in the mansion of Valdon, where the last Gifted of Baeno stand as a pitiful defense for the City of Kaedna. The last promise of The Creator says she--an Esmer(or one with wings)--will free Baeno from the grips of Skayla and the mysterious beasts that aid her. However, doubts haunt Baey, and even the others at Valdon seem to doubt her destiny. But one thing keeps her strong; the ring she was given by Sven Mara, a trinket no one but her can see.

     But when a stranger appears on Valdon's doorsteps, everyone doubts his motives and the message he carries. Little do they know what he stole, and little do they know how close Valdon is to ruin....

Book II of A Daughter's Ransom

The Exiled: A Game Of Wits

       Astra is alive... But barely. After escaping Tyron, she finds her way to help and slowly regains her senses. What she wakes up to is a mess; everyone wants something from her, and the king of Nythril is no exception. when he threatens to send her back to Tyron, will she cave and play bounty hunter for his idle pleasure? And what of the mysterious game that arrives, claiming she must play or face the consequences?

Book III of A Daughter's Ransom