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We reserve the right to refuse any request. We do not accept any request that will include any form of lewd representation. Submitting a request does not guarantee an art commission, as we have limited spots open to accept requests. You will be contacted if your submission has been accepted.


PRICING INCLUDES: Full rights to use the finished product for promotional purposes. An additional preliminary sketch. This allows for the ability to talk over any major changes to the design that would be needed. Upon request we can also provide timelapse recordings to prove authenticity.


All prices are listed in USD.


NOTE: Major changes must be brought up during the preliminary sketch share. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to make major changes further along in the process, and thus any changes requested near the end result may be unable to be applied. 



NIAMH SCHMID: (All pricings are for the black and white option. Color can be added for $5)

Chapter Opener Clip Art: $10

Portrait: $25

Single Character Fully Body: $20

Full body Character in simple environment: $30(Color included)*

*More complicated background environment requests may be charged as a separate fee, depending on the degree of difficulty.


Character Portrait: (Currently Unavailable)

Single Character Full Body: (Currently Unavailable)

Hand-Drawn Map: $35/hr. Contact for more information

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