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Animals from the Lands of Eatris

#fantasyanimals #books #indieauthors #writing From the Depths of the Forest of Riddles comes the vicious beast named the Vheil-Esr or, rather, DragonEater. Massive beyond scale, this wyrm-like beast lurks in the tops of the trees in The Forest of Riddles, often spanning miles as it uses a mixture of its natural camouflage as well as the forest's vines and foliage that grows on and around it as it lurks. This beast feeds on dragons and other large flying creatures that dare to travel above The Forest, sometimes waiting weeks and months before finally earning the reward of an unsuspecting meal. the Vheil-Esr generally cares little for smaller animals or humans, but if disturbed and hungry, it is known to be willing to feast on anything.

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