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#fantasyworld #writing #fantasybooks Nodroits are one of the less aggressive beasts found in Litash's Forest of Riddles, but still are quite lethal if provoked. They travel in pairs--mating for life--and if one of their pair is threatened the other will do anything to protect it.

Their fur ranges from dark green to a motley lichen; depending on what area of The Forest they reside and what works best for camouflage. They are omnivorous and night-walkers, usually hunting smaller animals or feeding off of the rare harmless foliage of The Forest, with their large padded paws excellent for scavenging as well as for silent stalking of prey. Their unusual eyes are a result of their nocturnal habits and while they see very well in the night, they are usually blinded by daylight. Thus if for some reason they must venture out in during the day, their large ears and nose are their primary use of navigating around The Forest.

However, as unaggressive as they are, Nodroits are still quite capable of killing an unprepared traveler who might unwittingly provoke it.

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